“The Old Testament Documents” by Walter C. Kaiser Jr.

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Kaiser presents the argument that the Old Testament is crucial to a full understanding of the New Testament. The concept of the Old Testament no longer being treated as a historical document, but rather a story book, is appalling. Kaiser points out that under the American judicial system, we have the code of “innocent until proven guilty.” In scientific evidence, we start with a hypothesis and test it to determine if it is false. If it passes the test (not false), then we can certify it as Law, or Truth. Where does this fit with our regard toward the scriptures? There have been no examinations as to the veracity of this historical document, but rather a condemnation simply because of the implication that we are held responsible to a Creator. “In an indictment of this so-called objectivity, the judgment of history has caught up with that bit of Enlightenment hubris and has exposed such claimants to objectivity as a plurality of subjective relativizers. And the rest, as they say, is now history>” (28).


The implications of regarding the Old Testament as no longer relevant, no longer reliable, are huge. Without the Old Covenant, we have no purpose for the New Covenant. And thus, we have a church born not out of sacrifice and repentance, but out of freedom and selfishness. We no longer have a church that seeks the Creator, but rather one that become their own creator, and in doing so, commits idolatry. But, after all, the Torah holds no ground, and thus, the Emergent Church can continue their sugared cereal breakfast, lacking all life-sustaining nutrients and health. In the end, they will hunger more.

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