“The Orphan King” by Sigmund Brouwer

This book is the first book in the Merlin’s Immortal series. 

A runaway servant from a monastery. An exiled knight. A boy thief. A dumb, mute girl. These four, combined with a mysterious man with masterful disguise skills, face up against the Druids who rule the area. Will their mission be a success? Will the knight and supposed magician reveal their true intentions to the boy? Is the girl more than she seems? There is much at stake in their journey.

This introduction to Brouwer’s new series keeps readers glued to the pages, or in my case, pixels of the book. Entertaining and well-written, Brouwer’s talent is much appreciated, bringing an exciting new tale for those who love medieval adventure. This book is one for me to keep in my library for leisure reading, as it certainly has been a pleasant experience reading it thus far. Full of adventure, jest, and just enough mystery, readers can subscribe not just to the storytelling at play, but also identify and follow the protagonists in their journey. It’s not hard to imagine a world at play in this book when it’s brought to life so well…

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