“The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren

This edition is the ten-year re-release packed with new features. 

Have you ever wondered about your purpose in life? Ever felt lost in the hum drum of it all? Or perhaps, you had a plan and it went afoul. Christian or not, this book is designed to help you discover your purpose in life by examining the Bible and what it says about discovering purpose in life. This book originally released ten years ago to a generation who questioned life it its entirely. Warren had responded with his studies, and it was wildly accepted – to then tune of being published in over 85 languages with sales of over 32 million copies. Publishers Weekly coined the hardback edition as the “bestselling non-fiction hardback in history.” So why, then, is Warren bringing the title back with a new edition? Simply put: he desires to reach a new audience and has new material to introduce.

This new edition features video introductions by Rick Warren to introduce each chapter an audio lessons to conclude them, culminating in over thirty additional house of audio content. Video lesson are accessible via QR code, with a URL for the video and audio access. This revised edition also comes with two new chapters to deal with recent barriers preventing a purpose driven life. Lastly, there is an online support community to help readers on their journey to purpose.

Ten years ago, when this title came out, churches began a 40 day study of the book, as well as several small groups. I was 15 when this book released and saw it on the shelves. I heard great reviews, and praises from both religious and secular sources. A few years later, I gave my life to Christ. I decided to read it with a small Bible study group I was a part of at the time, in hopes of discovering my purpose amid this new life decision. It helped me, tremendously.

Years later, when the contract opportunity was available, I jumped on it. To be able to get my hands on a new copy of the book, as well as share this material with my readership, was something I could not turn down. I had originally thought this book could not be improved upon, but Warren managed it. The integration of technology on a print book is a rare thing for me to see, and I welcome it wholeheartedly. The last two traps deal with envy and people-pleasing, both of which prevent readers from living out their purpose. The videos well-designed and easily accessible, combined with the relevance of the material presented, makes this title something to covet, if it weren’t easily accessible or forbidden in the Ten.Commandments, that is. In fact, we offer this title in the SG Store…

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  1. Great book!. It is really nice to know what is your purpose in life so that you’ll have a sense of direction. It even helps you to place yourself wherever it is appropriate. Just know what are your strength and use it as your advantage.

    • James,

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      Have you had the opportunity to read this title yet? If so, what did you get most from the book?

  2. To add to the information about this book, 99designs contacted me to share some information. For those curious, 99designs was the crowdsourced marketplace utilized for the cover design for this book. Here’s what they had to say:

    Rick’s publishing company (Zondervan) sourced the cool cover design for the updated edition through crowdsourced graphic design marketplace 99designs (99designs.com). You can check out its approx. $5,000 design “contest” here: http://99designs.com/book-cover-design/contests/book-cover-redesign-what-earth-am-purpose-driven-141890. (FYI, the cover for another of Rick’s books, “The Hope You Need,” was also sourced through 99designs.)

    The chance to design the cover of one of the best-selling books of all time was a pretty amazing (and potentially life-changing?) opportunity for members of our design community. Brian Montes, a young Christian designer in the Philippines, won the contest. He just received copies of the book from the company and posted some nice photos on his Facebook page, which you can see here: http://www.facebook.com/brian.montes.79

    FYI, 99designs’ book cover design category (with design contest packages starting at $299) is among our fastest growing – and a favorite among the more than 190,000 designers in our global design community. Christian-related contests across all categories are really popular, too – thousands have been completed since 99designs’ launch in 2008.

    Amazing stuff!

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