“To Be Perfectly Honest” by Phil Callaway


Callaway is a Christian comedian. Callaway wrote this book because his editor suggested it as the perfect topic for him: a Christian comedian keeping a journal of being completely honest for one year. Great idea, right?

I was skeptical to start with, until I read the first [digital] page. Callaway did as promised: this book is a journal (not entirely day by day) of being completely honest for one whole year, and it seems like he learned a lot in the process.

This book is witty, honest (of course), smart, and insightful. Callaway didn’t just avoid lies – he examined every part of his daily routine. He criticized himself on how he believes he should be as a Christian, and what a biblical model to follow is. Essentially, Callwaway brought a new definition to the word “honest.” It’s on a whole new level now, revealing not only how dishonest we are with one another, but also how we lie to ourselves and to G-d every day.

This book was a convicting read, and I’m not close to being done yet. His jests about honesty are stabs in the gut, making me realize my own shortcomings and dishonesty. This book is excellent at comedy, but if you only read it for the humor, then you will miss out on what Callaway is offering: an opportunity to be real, introspective, and confrontational with others and ourselves, and to G-d. For example, we sing songs we don’t believe, or don’t intend to practice.

“I lift my hands” while I’m sitting down in church.

“Better is one day in Your courts” but I’d rather be playing golf than going to church.

Are you honest with others? With yourself? With G-d? Read this book and find out…

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