“Torn Blood” by David J. Bain

Torn BloodTorn Blood by David J Bain

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Bain, the author of this book, is well-known for his work with Time Changer, and presents his investigative efforts of the Jewish state in the form of a fictional thriller called Torn Blood.

This book, while being an entire work of fiction, is based off seven years of research into possibilities, as well as radical extremists. Bain warns in his prologue that while the majority of Muslims are peace-loving, the 1% that are not estimate to be 1,000,000 strong and filled with pure anger. Bain, as part of his writing endeavor, states that he “was fascinated that [Israel’s] actions provoked more response without trying than nations that violate human rights on a grand scale.” Being “familiar with Israel’s history, politics, military, and the habit modern Israel has for coming out on top in any conflict with aggressor countries,” Bain found himself unsure of why Israel is continually a focus of world events.

These questions Bain had, combined with his research, led to this Joel Rosenberg-like fictional account of Addison Deverell and Dr. Janelle Henning. Bain strikes a sincere effort to write in a way to bring concern to current events, and pays tribute to Rosenberg in many ways. Overall an addictive read and page-turner, Bain does a good job. I admit that it is hard to write successful fiction, but Bain pursues it wholeheartedly. This book isn’t just a Rosenberg look-alike, however. It is its own pursuit and story, and Bains end goal can be seen: to write stories about the Jewish experience.

Like Rosenberg? Give this book a shot. Love authentic works based off dedicated research? This book can provide more than that.

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