“Treasures of Healthy Living” by Annette Reeder

This book, simply put, is a “treasure hunt unveiling [G-d’s] ultimate plan for health.”

Simply put, though, isn’t the best way to describe it. This book is actually much, much more than that. This book is a guide, or map. While this book will lead the treasure hunt to G-d’s plan for health, it’s more than a mere “x marks the spot.” It’s a journey. An experience. And that’s where Annette Reeder and Dr. Richard Couey come in – to be our guides to discovering what the Bible says about healthy eating.

This book is designed as a ten-week study. There is a subchapter for each day, and a different category or topic for each week. This book is designed as a Bible study portion of the journey, to be accompanied by the Treasures of Health Nutrition Manual and the Healthy Treasures Cookbook. The website, Designed Healthy Living, offers new studies, class notes, DVDs, CDs, and recipes to help complete the journey. This journey can be completed with just this Bible study, but it will be skimming the surface. Materials taught in DVD and CD courses are not included in the book, and what this study teaches are not on those materials.

Each day starts with a subtitle and “treasure clue,” or Scripture verse for the day’s discussion. Reeder then provides a discussion, along with questions, expecting readers to fill in the blanks or directly answer the query using the provided Scripture reference to discover healthy living in the Bible. Starting at the basics, and advancing to more complex parts (details over different types of grains, etc.), this book is designed to allow beginners to learn the basics, while equipping health foodies with the biblical support to encourage, motivate, and keep on track.

This book is quite advanced for a Bible study. Other studies typically are not nearly as detailed or applicable. Finding solid Scriptural support to challenge every Christian to eat healthier, this study is much needed in the American Christian church today. Laying the groundwork for a lifetime of positive health, it’s time to break free from the cycle of normal being prehypertension and continually sick.

Personally, being gluten intolerant, it would be nice to see a Gluten-Free edition of this type of book. Nevertheless, Reeder’s and Couey’s work is impressive, and well-accomplished. Additionally, from my Jewish life, it’s nice to see a Christian guide that discourages eating unclean meats and seeing not just the biblical discussion on kosher foods, but the health reasons behind G-d’s commands.

It if isn’t obvious already, I support this book. It appears to be a great investment for the family that is willing to accept the challenge to eat healthier and needs the spiritual motivation. Every church should offer this book in their mini-stores. We all need to be healthy, how G-d created us…Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.