“Wake Up, Generation”

You have a life…how will you use it?

Omartian is on a mission. After having fought cancer for a decade (since age 11), Omartian has garnered the energy to challenge the stronghold of apathy that holds her generation captive. This book follows her album of the same purpose (Wake Up) three years after her first endeavor on this mission. Everyone has a mission in life. Hers? To help others find theirs. It is with this intent that she brings forth the question to her readers, “what if you never find your life’s true purpose?”

With personal tales and anecdotes, Omartian tackles the challenge to wake up her generation beyond apathy and discover their true purpose in life. At page one, readers are taken back ten years from this moment…to when Omartian first received her diagnosis of cancer. At age eleven, I have to admit, she was certainly more tenacious and involved that I was. At the brink of elementary and middle school, she was dedicated to theatre and had an incredible talent for it. But that’s what I have gathered from my reading, and I have to say, her writing carries her talent that she has displayed in the recording booth. It’s at this point that we follow along in her life tale to the climatic point of actualization: her discovery at her life’s mission.

Are you a millennial? Statisticians state that the rough timeframe of 1980 to about 2000 is “generation Y,” which is also the millennial generation. This generation grew up with technology and television easily accessible and a standard feature in almost every home in America. This generation grew up with homosexuals just beginning to come out of the closet, racism being targeted, and the attempts at diversity and being politically correct at an all-time high. This generation can email and text but doesn’t know how to hold a conversation. This generation, when growing up, used the word “bored” far too much. And this word bored, according to Omartian, means only one thing: apathy. We watch TV instead of volunteer in soup kitchens, shop instead of give to the poor, and lounge about as if it is what’s best for our bodies. “Rest” is the key component to it all. After typing a status update, those fingers would sure need a rest. And the journey to the couch warrants sitting there for several hours. We are the fattest, laziest, most careless generation there is. We are breeding our children to be even worse, but that’s another mission, for another person. But hey, perhaps after reading this book, you’ll consider it yours…

So who is this book for? Millennials that recognize the need to change, but are not sure how. Or even better, millennials that don’t even understand the need yet. Omartian hits it on the head with her book, and her talent at the pen is one worth reading…Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.