“Who Do You Think You Are?” by Mark Driscoll

This book is about finding your true identity in Christ. 

There are plenty of self-help books about discovering who you are. Identity crisis would seem to be at an all-time high if one correlated the number of books being published every day on the issue to the matter. However, this book is not a self-help book. It is not about establishing your personality, behavior, or life on your own ideals. It is about something far more valid and necessary: discovering who you are made to be in Christ. It is that core issue that sets this book apart.

Driscoll’s main assertion is that we have forgotten Whose image we are made in, and as a result, our purpose within being that image bearer. A quick answer to the question reveals that we should be a saint, blessed, saved, afflicted, heard, and more. That’s Driscoll’s goal: to provide a biblical definition of who we ought to be and how to get there. And truth be told, it’s a proper goal, albeit feeling lofty at times. However, Driscoll has a well-organized approach with dedicating a chapter to each “I am” statement of who we are in Christ.

I should read the entire book, but I haven’t. I started it, but lost interest. Generally, I like Driscoll’s writing format and find him to be solid theologically in many of his works. However, this type of book is the book that initially can put off a reader if they aren’t ready, or at least willing to be ready, to be affected. This is the type of book that changes you…from the inside out. Is it good? Yes. Is it necessary? Yes. And that’s not just why I should read it, but others too…because we all need to get back to who we should be. And that’s in Christ. 

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