“Who is the Holy Spirit?” by Stonecroft Ministries

This book examines the purpose of the Holy Spirit. It covers the Holy Spirit’s work, how the Holy Spirit helps believers grow, what the Holy Spirit brings into the life of a believer, how to live in the power of the Holy Spirit, and how to enjoy the presence of the Holy Spirit. Essentially, a Bible study.

This study is designed to be broken into sections, or chapters. Each chapter includes Scripture verses to reflect on, discussion questions to converse with a group about, and a time for prayer and connection. Best designed as a group study, this can also be accomplished solo – but not at the benefit of iron sharpening iron.

In truth, it’s a typical Bible study. The print format is set to include pages for note-taking and journaling. While I am reviewing an eBook version, I would imagine that I would have a separate notepad as it just isn’t as easy using the keypad on the Kindle. I imagine that they could easily make an “app” out of this, though, that would allow members to subscribe, share notes taken, and submit prayer requests to the group. I would be quite interested to see this develop, but I digress…

Like most studies, this book will only give you what you put into it. It seems like a great resource for groups, as the format is already determined and it is biblically-researched. If you are an individual reader, however, I would recommend taking a look at Francis Chan’s “Forgotten [G-d].” Otherwise, this book meets the expectations for standard Bible studies today. It challenges participants to grow, not just in faith, but also knowledge – both of which are excellent pursuits.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.