“Captivating” by John & Stasi Elredge

John and Stasi are at it again. Updating and revising a bestseller, this is the woman’s equivalent of “Wild at Heart.” While every boy and man out there wants to know if they have what it takes (the knight in shining armor), every girl and woman need to know a simple thing: are they captivating? Are they a princess worth fighting for? Are they beautiful? John and Stasi write together, with a collection of experiences and anecdotes, to address how G-d answers that question. You are captivating. You are beautiful. You are worthy. And the Creator knows you by name, created you, and loves you deeply and intimately.


I attempted to read through this book, but I’ll have to be honest – I’m not much of one who’s deep into reading books about women, or motivational tools for the feminine soul. While this book is not for me, it may just be for the female reader in your life…

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