“Fearless” by Max Lucado

This book is simply about what the title suggests: living a life without fear. Max goes through the ministry of Jesus, from start to finish, and his constant advice: “be not afraid.” He starts with the pure statistics about the world we currently live in: “ordinary children today are more fearful than psychiatric patients were in the 1950s,” that we “fear being sued, finishing last, going broke…the mole on the back, the new kid on the block, the sound of a clock as it ticks us closer to the grave.” Very true words indeed. And luckily, Max uses the crux of this reality to drive home Jesus’ primary message to his disciples: live your life without fear.

This book was authentic, true, to the point, and amazingly interesting. Compelled to read this book in two days (me not having finished a book for a least a year prior, it would seem), this book was interesting and moving. It challenged me in regards to fear in life. My fears? Spiders, sharks, the dark, heights, not being there for my son, etc. These fears, if left unchecked, could destroy and overrun my life. Before reading this book, I had not realized these secret fears. Now that I am aware of them, I can take ownership and authority over them – and conquer them just as David conquered Goliath, for I serve a Living G-d.

The information provided in the text was cohesive, continual, and I felt it could have gone on, it was so good. Max Lucado took the time to have a scripture at hand throughout the entire text, and conveyed Biblical truth successfully. Please note, though, that this book is for everyone of every age. Being a Christian or not, young or old, single or married, does not eliminate fear. We are all human, and this text encourages and empowers taking authority over fear. This is a definite recommendation, and I will be having my small group study this book next, for sure.

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