“Finding Our Way Again” by Brian McLaren

As should be obvious with the title, McLaren’s book is about the  ancient practices (that of the early church), and his discussion about the return on them. In every denomination, different rituals exist. But McLaren believes that we’ve lost our way (suggesting we once had it), and embarks on a journey of finding it again. This could possibly contain explanation of his theology.


Being Jewish in nation and Messianic in mission, I found instant attraction to the potential to this book. However, most the traditions addressed in this text are in reference to an earlyChristian church, not Jewish one. Overall, I felt a Catholic overtone with empty value in the book. I’m still holding out for some of the sections, however, but still find my Shabbat service deeper in meaning and more full of spiritual practice than this book could hope to accomplish.


Regardless of the potential in this book, I find myself discouraged by the connection to Brian McLaren. Knowing that Thomas Nelson is the publisher gives me a confidence of somewhat solid theology, but even Nelson has gone through some significant changes lately. With that said, I advise caution with this text. Most of the book is available for preview on Google Books. Check it out. If it looks like a buy to you, visit the SG Store for the lowest cost available.

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