“Heaven is for Real” by Todd Burpo

Boy is rushed to hospital. Boy has emergency operation involving anesthesia. During the time boy is unconscious, boy goes to heaven. Boy meets Jesus. Boy comes back to life. Years later, boy tells the tale to his parents. Shock. And. Awe. Welcome to the true story of a boy who experienced what so many have savored for: the afterlife, or what call it. From the innocent perspective of a young child, the imagery and impact the experience had on the little boy Colton lasted a lifetime. Throughout the book, Colton shares with his parents the experience he had earlier, from going to heaven, what occurred in other parts of the hospital, meeting Jesus, and seeing the preparations for Armageddon. Overall, the message shared is one of hope: there is a heaven, there is a Messiah, and there is an End coming. Everyone had better get ready – time is running out.


The writing style of the text is simplistic in mind, to permit the reader to capture the essence of the story, yet have a first-hand experience with the parents. Unfortunately, such writing styles tend to have a short attention span with readers, causing this book to not make the serious reading list. Those looking for a page-flipper will find this book in excellent condition, but those searching for the next novel or biographical tale are better to search elsewhere.

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