“It Couldn’t Just Happen” by Lawrence Richards

It Couldn’t Just Happen, by Lawrence Richards, examines the natural wonders of our world and universe that point to an ultimate truth: it was created by G-d. The book is a basic introduction to apologetics for young Christians, presenting basic arguments for the existence of G-d by utilizing the evidences found in our world. 

Time is a man-made concept, or philosophy, if you will. If we did not have the solar and lunar rotations, we would have no measurable method to monitor our existence. Outside of our created, or G-d inspired, concept, there is no “time.” To believe that everything has always existed, and so forth, is part of our human condition.

Richards starts the book with addressing that there was a beginning to the universe, using scientific truth to prove the point. Once the concept of a beginning is established, the only logical conclusion, as the book presents, is G-d. The reader is then guided through the rest of the evidence for our Creator.

A basic read for teenagers and young adults, this book is an excellent transition in to collegiate courses in apologetics, or the defense of the Cross. The information is fresh and challenging, inspiring readers to investigate further. Appealing and cohesive, this book on scientific evidence weaves in biblical history and truth for a complete Christian worldview.

SG recommends this book for all readers, to challenge the intellect. Buy this book in the SG store today.

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