“Max on Life” by Max Lucado

Max Lucado belts out yet another theology book of simplicity, managing to spin quite a length on what seems short in thought. He collected questions from various mediums throughout the years, some served as prior inspirations for books, and finally presents them all in this writing, in hopes to answer the questions on life. In the effort of this writing, however, Lucado has come to a focused point: that of evangelism. Every question in this book has an answer that should draw them closer to the Creator.


Unlike his previous works, Lucado managed to keep concise (a relative term here), occupying only a couple of pages per question, in hopes to completely answer the query. It was a success. Not bringing much of a challenge or inspiration, but more of an enlightenment or learning opportunity, this book offers a great resource to those asking, or just wanting to help those asking. In all, though, everyone asks at some point. Cohesive, appealing enough to keep reading (but not necessarily finishing), Lucado conveyed an absolute biblical truth of a Christian worldview.

This book wins SG approval, with a recommendation of reading to others. Find it in the SG store today…

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