“Money Secrets of the Amish” by Lorilee Craker

Craker shares her tales of researching the Amish secrets to money-making in an effort to recover from her loss of funds, share anecdotes that cause laughter for the readers, and discover if there’s a deeper truth to their simpler means. Through journalistic-style writing that is quite similar to editorials or newspaper sidebars, Craker carries the reader into her interviews of her not-so-distant relatives, exploring what it means to be Amish, and how it appears to be a business success.


Readers will discover two things in this book: they only appear to do well to us (which, by their own admission, they struggle as well, but just tighten their belts), and there’s no real secret to Amish success. In truth, what you see is what you get (the ultimate of web editors), and that the Amish simply don’t spend money on what we do. They buy food, used carriages, horses, etc., mostly in bulk from each other. Everyone’s job is challenging: if it’s not hard labor, you could get booted from the community. And yes, their cooking is hard labor too, for it’s all from scratch. No preservatives here, folks.


Craker’s voice is obnoxious at best. Carrying too deep a German-folk accent, the reader will find themselves annoyed with the text more than learned, as Craker’s efforts seem just over the top.


Not an interesting read of any take, but useful for the person with nothing better to do, readers will find this book collecting dust, or digital fragmentation. The author writes in such a fashion that is too dull to keep up with, and attention is lost easily within the preface itself.


Unappealing and not cohesive, simplistic to read but obtuse in narration, and overall missing reference to Biblical truth, this book does not gain SG’s recommendation to other.


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