“Plan B” by Pete Wilson

“Plan B” by Pete Wilson excellently addresses the focus of the book: “what do you do when G-d doesn’t show p the way you thought he would”? He starts by simply addressing, as a matter of fact, that we often tend to put G-d in a box. But what happens when we have our Plan A for life and it goes to the south? Everyone has a Plan B, everyone has a challenge, a choice, a decision to make. How we make that decision, how we grow, is defined by who we are in Christ.


Wilson does a pastor’s job at writing a book – he covers all the basic points of his counseling for his parish, all in this book, without inappropriately sharing details. For those looking for a “new” concept, this isn’t for you. But one shy of interpersonal interactions will find this book to be a good alternative to having the “personal counseling” session…

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