“The Bone House” by Stephen Lawhead

Stephen Lawhead writes “The Bone House,” the second edition in the Skin Map series. Kit Livingstone finds himself in a race against time and parallel universes, as he seeks out the map his distant relative Cosimo instructed him about. Facing opposition by a deadly and evil enemy, Kit’s adventure could very well determine the future for every universe.

Written in a complex style, Lawhead’s use of the English language will leave readers mostly confused and lost. Much his overall style, all of Lawhead’s writings are equally difficult to read, and not recommended for the pubescent reader.

For being published by Thomas Nelson, readers have a right to expect high quality and solid adherence to biblical standards. However, this book is just another disappointment. Apart from the inability to read at an enjoyable pace, the protagonists in this tale use witchcraft to accomplish their means – using ley lines for travel between dimensions. Taking wicca and combining it with fiction makes this book no different than Harry Potter – not worth it’s existence.

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