“The Butterfly Effect” by Andy Andrews

The Butterfly Effect is well known due to short stories, movies, and the like. Whether it’s “Heroes,” or “Butterfly Effect,” or “Sound of Thunder,” the media outlet is consumed by the simple concept that every move you make matters. Scientifically, it is considered a law, known as The Law of Sensitive Dependence Upon Initial Conditions. In essence, Andrews introduces the fact that we all are part of the Butterfly effect – who we are and what we do impacts more greatly than we’ll ever know.


Published about the same time as his children’s tale, “The Boy Who Changed the World,” Andrews provides a simplistic and adult method of motivation – that of short pages, covering great inspiration and hope. Unfortunately priced rather high, Andrews successfully provides another hit – great motivation without scriptural support. While not necessary for the publisher’s market, it would be nice to see such support in a “Christian inspiration” book.

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