“With” by Skye Jethani

Life under G-d.
Life over G-d.
LIfe from G-d.
Life for G-d.
Life With G-d.

Jethani discusses how practically every Christian lives life either under, over, for, or from G-d. We don’t live life with G-d. This causes us to lose hope and tenacity – we lack the illumination that used to inspire us. Feeling dry and worn out, we change churches, sometimes quit church altogether, and hunt for where we last felt home and rested in the arms of Christ.

“I’m not sure what G-d wants me to do.”

When we live life from G-d, we do not trust in G-d, but in His blessings.
When we live life over G-d, the mystery of G-d is abandoned for proven business formulas and a guaranteed controllable outcome of success.
When we live life for G-d, we try to decide how we can best serve G-d, and our sole purpose is to redeem ourselves to Him, instead of live with the desires and talents He gave us.
When we live life under G-d, it is all about rules and traditions, dos and don’ts. Freedom is crucified for the security of salvation by action or membership.

The West, post-Christian, is life over G-d. Mostly unconcerned, uncaring about spiritual matters. Paychecks. Tolerance. Politically correct.
Rituals or superstitions is life under G-d. It’s the Torah without the hope of Christ.
Prosperity Gospel is life from G-d.
Christian activism is life for G-d.

The purpose of church is to move is from over to under, from to for. But is this the right solution? Does this truly satisfy? Is declaring wine as nonalcoholic grape juice a worthy sacrifice to remove beer from the alcoholic?

Life for G-d is Full Time Christian Ministry.

The truth is this: we teach youth not to have sex instead of how to pray. We teach them life under G-d instead of life with G-d, life for G-d instead of life with G-d.

Jethani presents a certifiable and compelling argument. We are lost. We need life with G-d, as John 1:1 gives example. This book is about the ultimate communion.

SG gives this book the mark of approval. Get it in our store today, and discover life how it is truly meant to be: a relationship with the Creator, not a servitude or prison yoke.

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