“The Calling” by Rachelle Dekker

The CallingThe Calling by Rachelle Dekker
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This fictional title is by Rachelle Dekker. One of her inaugural works into the professional writing realm, Dekker follows the footsteps of her father, and famed author, Ted Dekker. For that reason along, I opted to review this title. I am a fan of Dekker’s (Ted) works, and was more than curious to see if he bequeathed his talent to his daughter.

She writes well, this much is for sure. In that, Rachelle Dekker gives her own authorial voice and unique approach to writing, establishing herself as a separate entity than her father’s works. Working in a different universe, Dekker’s tale is weaved so closely together that the reader invests themselves into the story as they read. Her style is engaging and readers will definitely enjoy the work, but reader beware – this is not the same style or work as her father. For that, it is a good thing. Rachelle Dekker is sure to be a breakout hit in the Christian fiction realm, and it definitely needs another author of excellence to add to its ranks…

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