“The Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel

The Case for ChristThe Case for Christ by Lee Strobel
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This popular work by Strobel is one that resonates with those who seek a more academic and challenging approach to apologetics. Featuring a type of investigative journalism, the author uses his legal background to seek to challenge the tenets of Christianity and walks away from the inquisition as one who professes belief in the very religious framework he sought to undermine. Skeptics will find this book beneficial to their reading library, including skeptics that profess to believe in Christianity itself. The notion behind this work is to challenge the framework of the religion, regardless of association with it, because any view worth adhering or believing should be able to stand up to advanced scrutiny on a scientific and logical basis. Apologetics is the [legal] defense of the faith, and this work defends the faith by providing a strong offense against it. Endorsed by a score of theologians that are leaders in the modern Christian movement, Strobel provides honest answers regardless of the impact.

This work examines the eyewitness accounts, testing the statements/evidence, looks at the biographies, seeks to locate credible evidence outside of the biographies, explores scientific evidence, analyzes psychological evidence, profiles the characters of the story, confirms medical evidence, and issues a verdict on the history and professed statements of Christianity. Strobel’s writing style is one that is engaging and profound, reaching to the audience and taking them along a journey of investigative journalism. Like the crime dramas on television, Strobel doesn’t just present a hodgepodge of facts to see what sticks, but rather narrates and story tells, weaving his evidence with claims and accusations to make a credible scenario to present before the judge. Strobel explains how each section works in his own journalistic approach in a modern legal court case, then approaches the Scriptures with the same tenacity and desire to determine the facts and be able to weigh the outcome. An engaging read, this book makes a challenging read for those who want to challenge the faith instead of just acknowledge it. His work could be applied to non-Christian faith constructs that follow Y’shua as the Messiah as well.

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