[Audiobook] “Romans 1 – 7 For You” by Timothy Keller

Romans 1 - 7 for YouRomans 1 – 7 for You by Timothy Keller

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

England’s narration is one that is not easy to miss. With a characteristic, slightly husky, voice, England commands attention of the audience by stating the facts more so than waxing over them. Each sentence he narrates carries an authority to it that pairs up well with Keller’s works. Combining an authoritative writer with an authoritative narrator provides one option: an authoritative audiobook.

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[Audiobook] “AHA” by Kyle Idleman

AHA: The God Moment That Changes EverythingAHA: The God Moment That Changes Everything by Kyle Idleman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Awakening. Honesty. Action. Separate from each other, and there’s not much to go with. Together, however, and there’s a moment there, of connection with HaShem, that’s supposed to change it all. Or at least Idleman asserts. There are plenty of reviewers that have tackled this very question. Additionally, I’m not reviewing the book, but rather the audiobook. When reviewing an audiobook, the purpose of the review is to ascertain if the audio is one worth listening to. So, on my end, I will assume that you will have decided on the content material, but now you are at a point where you need to decide on traditional reading format or auditory listening format.

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[Audiobook] “That Is How It Is” by Moise Nadir


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This audiobook edition is presented in an English format, thanks to the savvy translation skills of Harvey Fink. This edition is a collection of over fifty (50) different short stories by Nadir. Reviewed with a glowing recommendation by Tablet Magazine, this narration captures the essence of the Yiddish spirit and soul.

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