“Let’s Go on Safari!” by Kate Gilman Williams

Let's Go on Safari

Let’s Go on Safari by Kate Gilman Williams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There’s more that meets the cover with this book. First off, when individuals purchase the book, the proceeds go toward activism efforts such as the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the Jane Goodall Institute, and the Global Wildlife Conservation, all with the aim of helping save endangered animals. It’s an appropriate action, too, given that this book is aimed to help turn readers toward advocacy.

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“Starpassage: Honor and Mercy” by Clark Rich Burbidge

Starpassage: Honor and Mercy: Book 3Starpassage: Honor and Mercy: Book 3 by Clark Rich Burbidge
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The third book in the Star Passage series, Burbidge once again delivers a fantasy book that blends components of Christian theology with history, spinning a tale that engages readers to travel time and overcome spiritual evils embodied in the forms of ghost-like characters called trackers. This book is written with middle-grade ages in mind. Burbidge typically delivers enjoyable reads that earn above average reviews and this saga is known for being a Gold Medal winner.

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