“While My Child is Away” by Edie Melson

While My Child is Away: My Prayers For When We are ApartWhile My Child is Away: My Prayers For When We are Apart by Edie Melson
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This book is about prayer. There are many different types of “prayer books,” some which encourage prayer, others which educate on prayer, and even more that believe prayer has supernatural powers. Does it? This book believes that it does and that parents need to pray for their children every day to help prevent or survive danger. The book contains instructions and guides on how to pray for children in the capacity of “prayer warrior,” doing spiritual battle to save their souls and bodies.
The book is divided into sections on prayer. Each section is a topic which contains different prayers that can be prayed as scripted prayers, along with a devotion about parenting. It is designed as either a reference for a sole individual or group of parents gathering together to pray for children.
The author writes with conviction, I’ll give them that. However, theologically there are dangerous waters ahead. I do believe in the power of prayer, and have scripted prayers for meals, etc., that have been used for generations since Mt. Sinai. However, can prayer change the tide of battle? HaShem does hear prayer and act on it, but we are also taught in Scripture that He foreknows every event. To argue prayer changes events gives the notion that we can control G-d through prayer. Additionally, if G-d does not answer a prayer the way we want Him to, then we hold Him guilty of the consequences. Thus, putting too much emphasis on prayer being a secret weapon of believers only opens the doors for puffing humans up to the stature of deity, a form of idolatry. There must be humility in recognizing the sovereignty of G-d and that He alone decides. Prayer will not alter that decision.
Should we pray? Yes, of course. Will it matter? Definitely. Will it change G-d’s decision? Doubtful. Is prayer a weapon? Only against HaSatan. We are in spiritual battle against forces we cannot see, but we cannot prevent the ultimate reality from occurring. So, even though the author is passionate, I cannot in good faith recommend a book that will easily lead people astray in having a proper theology and doctrine of HaShem.
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