“Chosen?” by Walter Brueggemann

Chosen?: Reading the Bible Amid the Israeli-Palestinian ConflictChosen?: Reading the Bible Amid the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by Walter Brueggemann
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In this book, Walter Brueggemann presents a surprising twist. I came into this book with the expectation of seeing yet another Christian book arguing for the Jewish nation, and left it – more walked away is the notion – shocked and dismayed that Brueggemann outright attacks the nation of Israel and discredits their military decisions, even though every decision has been made solely for the protection of the Jewish people. Contrary to what the author argues, the nation of Israel deserves its existence as G-d’s chosen people even to this day in that land. It is not a land to be lost, since G-d restored them, and the Jewish people are both ethnically and religiously the same people that the Torah, Tanakh, and Gospel point the message of salvation toward.

In this book, Brueggemann loses credibility and respect by presenting arguments that seem to suggest that the promises to Israel can be transposed to the church, instead of to the modern nation of Israel, which shows his own fallibility. Many would stand by him and argue for his views, including some Jewish opponents to Zionism, but it does nothing to counter the clear B’rit Hadashah commands regarding the Jewish nation and the goal of the Zionists. While some may view Zionism as being anti-Jewish, the reality is that being Jewish is a multi-faceted issue, one with religious and cultural connotations, as well as one of personal struggle for many Messianic Jewish synagogues.

I have been and always will be for the state of Israel and no other nation. My nationality is that of a Jew and my citizenship is that of a talmidim of HaShem/Y’shua. In that capacity, the arguments made in this book are nothing but disappointing and a harsh reminder of the problems of errant theology within Christianity. The reality, regardless of how this author attempts to portray it, is that the modern Jewish nation has only fought to protect themselves and advocate for peace whenever possible. It is the dangers of groups like Hamas that threaten the very notion of justice in the Middle East, and no one else.

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