[Audiobook] “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” by Donald Miller

Alas, another audio book narrated by the author! Donald Miller obviously reads the text just as he intended his book to be read, but how does it compare in audio book quality? Listening, I would first guess that Miller is from the South, due to the twang in his voice. Miller presents, in the beginning, the challenge of how much we remember of our experiences, and how it sums up life. The fact that most of life is not memorable presents an interesting concept. He reads as if the book is a discussion, where he starts the group by sharing his personal details. More or less, the audio feels like a monologue being watched on stage, seeing the memories that he shares pass by on screens in the background. It’s an interesting change, for certain, and one that I’m not necessarily inclined to. It reminds me of Jon Acuff’s presentation for “Stuff Christians Like,” just less intense and less humorous. Easy narration to follow, just the book itself not necessarily the best choice for audio format.

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