[Audiobook] “Courageous Living” by Michael Catt

This audio book edition is narrated by Maurice England. Catt is known for his production of Courageous and Fireproof, both excellent church-made films on Christian values in men.

Catt covers some basic points in his book:

  • Decline in masculinity
  • Increase in drug use and gangs

While those are not the definite points, Catt’s conclusion is that the ignoring of being masculine does result in increase crime rate. We need to be men of the Bible, and act like it. We need to represent a courage that we seem to miss. Don’t look to the corporate office of manhood. Instead, look to the Bible for courageous examples to emulate. Stand up and show our growing boys what it means to be a man of G-d.

Be willing to sacrifice career success for courage. Encourage future generations to stand correct, not tolerant. Live courageously every day. Man up. Dare to take a stand. Do it now.

Catt’s voice, by England, is clear and concise. Using a reflection of motivational speaking with the intonation of a husky “man’s man,” England’s narration complements this call to action and manhood. Also, with a medium to quick pace, the narration demands listeners keep up.

“Christ followers who are risk takers for the Gospel.”

In essence, Catt’s call is simple, Biblical, and solid. Either readers will love the book or hate it. In the same sense, England’s emulation will offer the same call: if you loved the book, you’ll love this audio edition…

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