[Audiobook] “Handel’s Messiah” by Calvin Stapert

In regards to Handel’s Messiah, by Calvin Stapert, it seems to be an impressive examination of the history of music and theology influencing one another in the beautiful collision of an experience of worship. Listening to the audiobook, I am immensely impressed by content provided that would not have been experienced via a traditional format.


The audiobook started with a beautiful concerto of Handel’s Messiah, to allow the listener to fully understand what was being discussed in the text. Narrated by James Adams, this book takes on a life of its own. The intonations of the narrator were specific yet wide, subtle yet formative. His ability to read the text with appropriate inflection guides the listener into being captivated by the track. A most excellent piece of work, Adams took the concept of monotony out of the audiobook industry almost by this piece alone.

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