[Audiobook] “Heart for Freedom” by Chai Ling

This audiobook edition is narrated by Karen White.

Karen White reads in a higher-pitched voice that borders on grinding one’s ears. Ling’s tale is a good one: freeing the women of children. However, the audio edition does it no justice.

White’s attempt resulted in a grating narration, reminding listeners of a whine found in young toddlers. Add an odd inflection that seems more like a elementary school teacher emphasizing the difficult and/or descriptive words, and listeners will find their patience unfortunately tested. After critical thought, it seems as if White spoke primarily Chinese, then read the Chinese aloud in English. Lastly, the inappropriate pace for audiobook narration asserts this thought of the translation being performed during the recording.

I was unable to finish listening to the audio, as my ears were tested to their limits by this narration. The content of the book seems to be an excellent choice for those interested in China and feminism in China, and Ling’s story of encouragement and hope would call out to readers, but the narration simply makes this audio edition better passed on for the written word.

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