[Audiobook] “Sexual Detox” by Tim Challies

Sexual Detox, by Tim Challies, is narrated by the author himself in the audio book format. The concept of a book so bluntly addressed about pornography seems like an excellent ministry opportunity. Tim shares much of his personal experiences in the beginning of the text, providing an excellent opportunity to judge his narrative capability.


It is always a plus to listen to an audiobook narrated by the author, regardless of their talent. I don’t think I’m much of a fan of Challies’ narration capability, but I am sure that he does great in natural conversation. It seems that he focused slightly too much on reading the text, rather than narrating it. There should be inflection, authorial interpretation, and a thrill. Unfortunately, it felt drained and forced. Perhaps Challies preferred this method, and determined that such would be best. However, it doesn’t work as well for listening enjoyment.

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