[Audiobook] “The Next Christians” by Gabe Lyons

It is a rare event that I review an audio book to review that is read by the author. That automatically receives kudos points. Lyons helped coauthor “UnChristian,” a book of reflective and questionable examination. Lyons shares from his heart and personal viewpoint to introduce this text, examining his simple statement: the good news about the end of Christian America.


The great news is that the publisher provides additional resources for the audio book online. However, it does not help cover the poor narration provided. While the audio is narrated by the author, Lyons, he unfortunately provides a weak reading of the transcript. Lacking any dramatic inclusion, not even a feeling of a sermon reading or class lecture remains. Rather, Lyons’ attempt at the narration leaves the listener feeling as if they overheard Lyons quickly muttering to himself, in a fashion that is monotone and empty, with a speed that prevents one from keeping up.


Not for a amateur listener, or even novice for that matter, this audio is left to collect the fragments that Windows provides…

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