[Audiobook] “The Touch” by Randall Wallace

Randall Wallace write this fictional novella concerning Andrew Jones, a surgeon seemingly gifted by G-d himself. Losing his fiancé in an accident, being unable to save her, Jones casts his skill to the side, avoiding the medical field. Later, newer tech arrives that needs Jones to help troubleshoot it. Forced to face himself, his past, and the nightmares the prevent him from utilizing G-d’s gift, this book encourages readers to trust G-d, and let G-d be G-d. 

Paul Michael narrates the audio edition of this book. Michael provides a solid tone for listeners to grasp on to, but struggles with the feminine voices. Mechanical, in a way, Michael almost has “the voice” to complement the text, but falls short, allowing listeners to identify with an almost-computerized voice.

The Score:
+4 for cover art
+3 for storyline
-3 for mechanical narration
-2 for concerning feminine voice
= +2

SG does not recommend the audio edition of this book, but readers may find the printed edition fanciful.

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