[Audiobook] “The Ultimate Journey” by Jim Stovall

Paul Michael narrates Jim Stovall’s third installment of the Ultimate Gift series, The Ultimate Journey, with a smooth voice that replicates the essence of Red Stevens, much like the performance James Garner provides in the movie presentation of the first book. Michael guides the reader through the interactions of Jason and his bride, Red on his DVDs, and the chauffeur that served them both. Skillfully and artistically weaving different inflections and intonations that each character carries in their character, Michael permits the reader to stop listening to an audio book and become part of the story itself, allowing images of the scenes to dance before the listener’s eyes. One has to admit, however, that despite Michael’s talent, his imitation of Alexia, Jason’s bride, sounds more like an effamenant man that a female voice.


The score:

+5 for excellent storytelling
-3 for concerning female imitation
+4 great audio selection for narration

= 6 points – recommended by SG for listening enjoyment.



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