[Audiobook] “Trusting [G-d]” by Jerry Bridges

This audiobook edition is narrated by John Haag. 

This book is not about Bridges’ experiences in life. It is designed to be a devotional. Yet, listening to his devotions, they are all anecdotes, that is, tales from his life. But we are not supposed to hinge ourselves on his tales, but on the truths we can learn from them. Thus, while listening to this audio edition of the book, listeners will find themselves learning more about Bridges as he pours himself into the pages and empties his heart for everyone to glean from.

Bridges even wrote the book like a journal. During the early stages of writing, he hand-wrote the pages for the book and hired a typist to transfer the calligraphic ink into legible print for a digital, paper, and audio medium. This book, style and timeline of publish, is designed like a handwritten devotional to help us meet with G-d, and let Him write on our hearts.

According to Bridges, this book is not written for the Christians who have had extreme circumstances of strife. It is written for the mainstream Christians who have suffered basic hardship: loss of job, termination of pregnancy, unfair professor scoring exams, inability to pay bills. In other words, there is something in your life that this book can tackle.

“There are no easy answers.”

Haag, narrating this book, produces an audio that echoes off the walls, much like an android of sorts. Haag provides enough inflection to help the listener discern sentence structure and follow the text, but it nevertheless feels like a strained reading. This is not a presentation. This is not a performance. Rather, Haag’s efforts, while sincere and appreciated, feel more like a student reading aloud in hopes to gain perspective and wisdom through the auditory – yet forgetting to let it feel natural and authentic.

I do not recommend the audio edition for this book.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.