[Audiobook] “What is the Gospel?” by Greg Gilbert

First off, 9Marks is a great organization that I actually follow for blog RSS, reading on my Evo 4G. I’m not familiar with Gilbert at all, but I do appreciate the works by 9Marks. They value the local church, as well as focusing on G-d’s word in the church, listening and following. They believe that if the Church follows His word, then they will look like Him. Perhaps this is why many churches seem so far off today. The narrator for this audio book is listed as Lloyd James, yet states Sean Pratt in the audio itself.


Regardless of the narrator’s name, their work provides evidence for their talent. In this case, the narrator does an excellent job providing an amazing experience for the listener. While slightly mechanical, the audio does provide an extensive amount of information, yet read in a manner that allows the listener to keep track and participate. Great for small groups or individual listening, the clear, concise narration and appropriate inflection and intonation permits opportunity for discussion with great material.

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