“Dead Dog Like Me” by Max Davis

Dead Dog Like MeDead Dog Like Me by Max Davis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Max Davis shines bright in this fictional telling of megapastor Nick Gregory. At wits end, faced with his life falling apart at its seams, Nick cannot seem to escape from the pain, haunting him day and night, refusing to let him rest. In a tragic twist, Nick’s only comfort, his dog, is injured in a life-threatening accident. In an effort to rid himself of his pain, Nick is transported back in time to 800 B.C., only to come to terms with what it means to experience HaShem’s grace and healing. Taking this alternate life back to the present, Nick is given the miracle of a second chance at life, but will he use it wisely?

Davis’ writing, at first, was downright depressing to engage with. After absorbing more of the text, however, I became aware that it was not the author utilizing unusual structures or dark subtext, but rather a start of a connection to the lead character, Nick, in his internal struggles with external events. While some phrasing can be difficult to navigate at times, more awkward than anything, the reader will have no problem falling into the tale within a tale, and learn what the end goal is: what it means to experience the grace and healing of a G-d who lives Nick’s journey, as presented by the author, is not just a fictional character, but rather an essence of not only the author, but every reader. In this connection, readers will not only enjoy the story, but also have the opportunity to be as transformed as Nick.

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