“Dear Luke, We Need to Talk, Darth” by John Moe

Dear Luke, We Need to Talk, Darth: And Other Pop Culture CorrespondencesDear Luke, We Need to Talk, Darth: And Other Pop Culture Correspondences by John Moe

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book just looks like it would be hilarious. And it is. The problem is that I didn’t find myself going back to it time and time again. It has a solid 4 stars on Amazon, and that’s what I would rate it too. It’s a great read, and gets chuckles, but it just isn’t engaging enough to keep me going. This isn’t a book that I would sit down and read from front to cover, but more like a book where I can pick up and read a single section or two at a time, or use as a reference for jokes.

In the area of a comedy show, this book nails it. Variety, witty remarks, and the exploration of pop culture give this book a great reference point and geek fandom award. Treating it like an encyclopedia of funny on pop culture, this book does great. That’s why it’s four stars – because it accomplishes its goal and retains interest to come back again, but isn’t funny enough to enjoy in one sitting.

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