“Delilah, Excuse Me!” by Joseph Sayibu

Delilah, Excuse Me!Delilah, Excuse Me! by Joseph Sayibu
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Sayibu writes on the topic of…well…I believe the title gives a good suggestion. A shorter work, clocked at around one hundred pages, the author seeks to exhort readers to avoid Delilah women in their own lives. As his book suggests, don’t go near her doors, don’t gives away your honor, drink from your own well, and cleanse your ways. If that sounds familiar, it’s for good reason: Sayibu is writing from Shlomo’s (Solomon) advice in Mishlei (Proverbs). He writes with an older sense of “royal” English to it, using religious terminology such as “bosom” and backwards grammar. He even quotes Scripture in a British spelling.

Prose aside, the purpose of this book is to discuss wisdom (hence, Proverbs) to guide young men away from promiscuity and immorality. Hailing from an Assemblies of G-d church group, the writing style and theology matches a much more conservative view associated with the Bible Belt of America. There are assumptions that I found offensive in the book, yet may be valid in his experience, such as most young men lusting after women. However, Sayibu does dismiss the slew of books out there on a similar topic, rendering them disappointing, hurtful, and full of shortcomings due to its human component. By that same logic, one could argue a similar sentence for this book.

Overall, I found myself disinterested in this title, in part due to its prose and awkwardness (feeling overly formal and disengaged), but also due to the approach of the content and the method of approach. Traversing each page felt forced and inorganic for me, which lends me to not desire to read it. I appreciate Sayibu’s effort, but this feels more like a theological paper for a course than a book I would be interested in reading. It could use revisions in language and engagement, which would dramatically help the author get across his point that he feels quite strong about. Two stars.

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