“A Different Kind of Happiness” by Larry Crabb

A Different Kind of Happiness: Discovering the Joy That Comes from Sacrificial LoveA Different Kind of Happiness: Discovering the Joy That Comes from Sacrificial Love by Larry Crabb
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Dr. Larry Crabb is well known for not only this theological works, but his counseling and relational works as well. It is in this book that he addresses a counseling approach that is based off his theological framework and helps the reader come to an understanding of how to be happy in a different way, one not based on emotional turbulence or roller coaster relationships, but one based on following the Master of the Way. In this book, Crabb presents three “parts” to help lead the reader to the conclusion he seeks: (i) the Good News that sound bad, (ii) the Good News that only disciples know is good, and (iii) a beautiful story is unfolding, even in the darkest night. From the opening salvo of Crabb’s work that asks the damning question on how lost the world is if it relies on love to make it go ‘round, to the ending conclusions that provide argument for his thesis, Crabb shows how true love can only be found in the Messiah, and only in the face of true love can one discover true happiness.

Crabb’s writing style is engaging and presents many valid questions that prompt the reader to see the problem with their own eyes. Crabb takes even the Christian culture to task in his arguments and makes the audience see things not how they want to see them, but how they need to be seen. This book is definitely one not just for those seeking happiness, but also one for those who really do not understand the Way and the definition of true love. Easy to continue reading, Crabb is on the cusp of helping the Christian culture get a reality check and change their perspective, but only if the influencers read the work. Take a peak – it might just change how you see yourself and others…

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