“Discipleship that Fits” by Bobby Harrington

Discipleship That Fits: The Five Kinds of Relationships God Uses to Help Us GrowDiscipleship That Fits: The Five Kinds of Relationships God Uses to Help Us Grow by Bobby William Harrington
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This book is a book about discipleship. Sounds simple, right? Discipleship, however, is a rather complicated category, full of subsections and differing opinions. This book comes with a forward from Thom Rainer, who is a leading theologian and Bible scholar, which lends credence to this work.

This book focuses on the disciples-making-disciples process, which is what discipleship is supposed to be. It goes beyond mere doctrine and basic theology, however, and focuses on practical application in five contexts: public, social, personal, transparent, and divine. This book correctly recognizes that the Great Commission is not share the Gospel, but rather “make disciples.”Evangelism is an important and central role to discipleship, but not in the standard Christian interpretation. The authors of this book seek to establish a discipleship that more closely resembles the methods of the early community of faith.

The book opens with a “salesman” feel to it, arguing to convince the reader that this is the correct book on discipleship, and given the score of works in existence, this is understandable. However, it still doesn’t feel right to be bombarded with this approach right out of the gate. Regardless of the voice this book presents, there is good content to review. To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of this book’s voice. Nonetheless, for those looking at a simple treatise on discipleship, this book is one to consider. After all, having more peer-reviewed views to consider help in finding the right path to start on…

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