“I Am: The Divine Purpose Manifesto” by Lenita Reeves

I Am: The Divine Purpose Manifesto Inspired by the I Am Statements of JesusI Am: The Divine Purpose Manifesto Inspired by the I Am Statements of Jesus by Lenita Reeves
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Y’shua is known for His “I Am” statements found in the B’rit Hadashah. He speaks of Who He is, being the Son of HaShem, as well as being Adonai Himself. Yikes! In spite of this status, many then, and how, have not accepted His Messiahship. This book looks at the fact that even though He knew He would be rejected, He stood firm in His “I Am” statements. The author looks to those statements to show how these statements also apply to the reader.

The book is broken down into five sections. The first section looks at the reason for a manifesto. The second section looks to the declaration. The third section is the I Am and the views of it. The fourth section is “His Creed, Our Truth.” The last section is the goal of this book: the Divine Purpose Manifesto, designed for underdogs to overachieve in.

The author writes personally to the reader, addressing the reader up-front and challenging them to embrace the doctrine of this work. Lenita considers herself a “purpose underdog,” never giving up and pushing her own limitations beyond worldly success to spiritual impact. She believes wholeheartedly that what Y’shua taught was so counter-cultural that it was a manifesto to be built on. That manifesto, the “I Am” statements, is designed to lead each believer into the intimate relationship of being a child of G-d.

Lenita’s writing is personal and uplifting, guiding the audience through the book with ease. Designed mostly for those seeking encouragement or a “feel good” solution, this book is an excellent fit for those needing an extra push. This book is designed to empower its readers, and succeeds in that endeavor.

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