“If In Doubt” by Rhys Stenner

If In Doubt: Answering the Seven Great Questions about FaithIf In Doubt: Answering the Seven Great Questions about Faith by Rhys Stenner
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Do you question anything about the faith? This book aims to answer seven major questions that the author considers to be critical in this day and age. He addresses creation, morality, reliability of Scripture, divinity of Y’shua, the resurrection, life after death, and the future messianic hope. Having worked diligently in my apologetics classes for my degree, this book layout sounds just like my course textbooks. This book, however, is not aimed to convert a nonbeliever. Rather, it is designed to address the questions that are in a believer’s mind, the doubts that nag and persist. The author lays the book out in seven sections to help peer into the heart of one’s struggle and resolve doubt entirely, leaving trusting faith behind. The goal? To lead the reader to have a knowledge of their faith and an intelligible response for those that discount the Bible.

Apologetics can be a complicated study, and I should know. One thing I appreciate about this work in particular is that Stenner helps the reader understand the material using stories, parables, insights, and simpler explanations. For example, I had to address Hume and his naturalist objection over the course of eight weeks and in a twenty-page research paper. Explaining the details of his view took time, and Stenner pens it brilliantly in a single sentence. Stenner displays an artform with writing, maintaining the necessary theological complexities while making the information easy to digest and understand. His writing is engaging and thought-provoking, and is an excellent book for the average believer to read.

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