“Eat Like Jesus” by Andrew Hoy

Eat Like JesusEat Like Jesus by Andrew Hoy

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This book, as Hoy puts it, is about “returning to kosher Christianity.”

Just as one cannot simply walk into Mordor, one cannot simply determine if this book is factual and worth the read. Instead, one must immerse themselves into the topic and research the statements the author makes. If you are unfamiliar with systematic theology, then perhaps reading up on the topic would be a good first step. Are you familiar with the term dispensationalist? If not, then read up on it before reading Hoy’s argument. Hoy presents a persuasive presentation to argue for kosher eating within Christianity.

Hoy makes you consider the topic. For me, being a Messianic Jew, I already eat kosher. In such, Hoy’s argument did not challenge me in that arena insomuch as it challenged me regarding my theological beliefs. Hoy’s use of terminology in his written debate does lend one to argue unnecessarily, but if one can move past the nitty gritty of the language and verbiage, one can then challenge themselves to review Hoy’s argument for themselves.

The topic is fairly straightforward, but Hoy takes considerable time to present the argument. If one were to sum up his entire argument, it would be best served as his own definition: “‘Kosher Christianity’ refers to a non-dispensational view of the Christian faith and approach to Bible interpretation.”

Does Hoy get it right? Like everything else in life, you’ll need to read it yourself to determine the answer. Hoy uses a personable language, much like one talking to an audience in a researched debate, to connect with the audience and lean them toward his viewpoint. If you’re considering reading the book, it’s most likely because you’re intrigued by the subject. Based off that emotional consideration alone, you’re bound to connect with Hoy and agree with his challenge. In all, consider Hoy’s assertion as a closing point to this review: “to ‘EAT LIKE JESUS’ is not to deny the faith – it is to embrace it with more honesty and enthusiasm.”

How honest are you with yourself about your faith?

Andrew Hoy provided an advance reading copy in exchange for an honest review of this book.

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