“Empire’s End” by Jerry Jenkins

Empire's EndEmpire’s End by Jerry B. Jenkins
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Jerry Jenkins is well-known as an author, thanks primarily to his contributions to the Left Behind series. It is not just the fame of an apocalyptic series, however, that secured him prestige in Christian fiction, but rather his craft. His writing is easy to engage with and draws the reader into the story whole-heartedly.

This book is no different. Jenkins delivers his experience as a writer and knowledge of historical events with this tale that examines the life of the Apostle Paul from a fictional, yet interactive, position. Readers are transported from their living room settings (or train, etc.) into the first century world of the Bible, experiencing the politics and gruesome realities of the wild world that existed prior to today’s modern calm. The experiencing is refreshing, despite taking place in a drier climate. While Jenkins maximizes the connection of his characters and gives the audience insight to the inner workings of the individuals, they nonetheless feel crafted and not entirely real, when compared to other popular writers like Ted Dekker or Matt Mikalatos. Despite this minuscule drawback, the book is still an engaging and addicting read, deserving of a place in the reading queue.

Overall, I highly recommend this book and am impressed with how well crafted the material is. All I can say is that you should read this book to, and experience events in the Bible, and between the lines, that prior to now, could only have been vaguely imagined, but are now brought to life with vivid color and narrative.

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