“More Than Enough” by Lee Hull Moses

More Than EnoughMore Than Enough by Lee Hull Moses
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The opening pages of this book launch a salvo of queries at the reader. How can there be too opposites that meet in the middle? Starving kids in the same state as the upper class? First world problems when clean water is missing in many parts of the world? The dichotomy presented is the same struggle that exists in basic theological questions – how can there be a man who was G-d? How can heaven meet earth? These opposing ends meet the middle in what is referred to the mandorla – an almond-shaped image that is the embodiment of the early church (since then we’ve turned it sideways and added legs, calling it a fish). The author asks this of the reader. How can there be a gap between the rich and the poor? It brings very real questions to what many have as a theoretical faith and not a practical one. These questions challenge the very basis of religious beliefs for many, and may even be a discouragement. HaShem does not love one person less than another, does He? They why are they not equally blessed?

These questions are not meant to discourage, but rather to engage and set the tone of the book. The author’s voice is one of cafe conversation – seeking to find resolution and understanding, a harmony, of the mandorla reality. The author engages the reader to find resolution by sharing their own life experiences, theological understandings, and Scripture interpretations. The book is very easy to follow along with, dodging overly complicated terminology in favor of reaching a larger audience. This book is best intended for those that have already asked whether or not to read it, and if that’s the case, then maybe it’s better to get over the hump and see what the author has to say…

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