“Fire Wind” by Guy S. Stanton III

Fire Wind (The Wind Drifters, #1)

Fire Wind by Guy S. Stanton III

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Indy books and indy authors provide the audience with a fresh creative approach, lower book prices, and the opportunity to feel like you are directly supporting the author with your purchases.

Indy books also, more often than not, give the audience a less polished final draft. Whether it’s cover art, storyline, grammar, or just difficult prose to dissect, the chances of experiencing a less-than-polished work is increased as part of the editing process is typically removed.

In this case, Guy Stanton has worked to make himself a known artist in the field of fictional action writing as an independent author. That said, there are areas that could use an editor’s touch such as missing commas, awkward sentences, etc. For those signed up for the indy experience, this not only comes with the territory but is also something to look forward to: the mark of imperfection that makes the work truly a result of a skilled artist honing their craft.

Readers will enjoy Guy’s typical quick-action tale that dives into the battlefield with the first chapter. For me, though, I prefer a more polished read. This book is best read by fans of independent authors, those who love action-adventure, and those looking for a quick and fun read that isn’t always clean or reverent.

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