“Forever My Little Boy” by Karen Kingsbury

Forever My Little BoyForever My Little Boy by Karen Kingsbury
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This small book is adorned with cute artwork and intended as a gift for a mom, dad, or grown-up little boy. Kingsbury writes short prose with prayers and Scriptures throughout. With a “forever my little boy” melody that carries the reader through the start to end, the concept is not altogether new, but takes a newish form with a focus on faith. Walking through the life of the boy from birth to parents passing on, it feels more like Kingsbury created the work as a gift of her own.

The artwork is adorable and the content is cute, but the brief nature and the uniformity of the work make it feel more like empty platitudes than personal conviction. Personally, I wouldn’t endorse this work as a gift to others, as it simply isn’t good enough. The work is there and may be a great gift in particular situations, but the purpose behind the book feels lacking. Priced a a standard $10, the book seems to cost a bit more than it feels and looks to be worth. I could see this being a children’s book more so than a book geared toward adults.

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