“Four Secrets to a Forever Marriage: Marriage Tips from a Not-So-Perfect Husband” by Michael Letney

Four Secrets to a Forever Marriage: Marriage Tips from a Not-So-Perfect HusbandFour Secrets to a Forever Marriage: Marriage Tips from a Not-So-Perfect Husband by Michael Letney
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What makes a marriage last? As the author introduces the reader to the book, he proposes one consider this thoughtful question. After all, all the pomp and circumstance to the wedding and its celebratory nature isn’t intended for a temporary union, but rather something far more lasting. So what is the secret to making a marriage last when over half of them end in divorce (and that statistic includes Christians)? Much less, for someone like myself, who is a child of divorce and been through a divorce of my own already, what can I do to avoid that jaw-dropping over seventy percent chance of my current marriage failing? I must admit, I feel secure in my marriage, but understand what the data says, which is part of what has intrigued me to acquire a reviewer copy of this book and take a peek.

The author of this book assures the reader that he has discovered how to make, and break, a marriage. He has found the formula – the hidden secret. That secret? Transparency, truth, trust , and unity. To me, these seem plain and an obvious part of marriage. Then again, my first marriage was not one based on any of those, and as a result, failed. That, and there is a need for being of the same accord, at least insomuch as the faith one practices.

Will someone like reading this book? Of course! There are plenty of self-help books and advice books for every topic known to mankind, and yet more are published each year. Luckily, there are books like this one that have a faith integration, to help guide a marriage the way it ought to go. As far as the author’s voice, well, it’s honest and realistic. Far too often I have come across books where the author tells readers to do x, y, and z, and yet their own life isn’t that neat and perfect. To have a “not-so-perfect” husband at the helm is not only smart, but an absolute necessity to drive the point home, and be truthful.

In the end, for those looking for yet another marriage book, I would recommend this one. That said, my shelf has plenty of titles on marriage, so this one only adds to the library of what should be basics in the marriage.

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