“Frequency” by Robert Morris

Frequency: Tune In. Hear God.Frequency: Tune In. Hear God. by Robert Morris
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What’s your frequency?

I’m not talking about how often you complete a task, such as reading the Bible or praying, but more along the lines of the frequency you are tuned in to, such as radio frequency. Morris, in this book, asserts that HaShem has His own frequency, per se, with His flock. Very much along the lines of “my sheep hear my voice,” this frequency is established upon becoming a follower of Y’shua and is something that must be learned as well. Believers are born with this ability but must also develop the skill, fostered by spending time in His Word. Morris compares it to this: a newborn contains the ability to communicate but must still learn how to communicate. This ability can mature, or evolve, as one grows closer to HaShem.

Morris’ writing style is easy to follow along with. Feeling very much like a Sunday sermon voice, readers are motivated to keep reading as they are inspired to grow, change, and adapt to the material presented in the book. Morris includes a healthy dose of Scripture and questions to engage readers to move them toward action. Overall, many will find his voice easy to read and continue the path, as long as they are interested in the topic at hand. This book will be a good choice for those that are looking on how to hear more from HaShem, but the same can easily be accomplished by simply reading one’s Bible.

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